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"Thank you so much for the G Sleeves, they were perfect! Thanks also for the way you made me feel"
Letter from patient

Letter from patient
"The g-sleeve is a fantastic reminder especially in the Recovery Room and throughout their hospital stay! A great Patient Safety Initiative!"
Rose Oradini, RN Legal Nurse Consultant

Rose Oradini,
RN Legal Nurse Consultant
“The G-Sleeve gives our patients a sense of security and they feel we have given them special attention by proactively addressing their needs.”
Alan Bank , MD

Alan Bank MD

"I never start my cases without Patient Safety Gear products!"
Yomtov Salazar , MD

Yomtov Salazar, MD

“G-Sleeve improves the Quality of our Care during endoscopy procedures. A simple, yet effective product!”
Todd Eisner, MD

Todd Eisner, MD
“Great product for maintaining safety for my sedated patients.”
Suzanne Indiviglio, RN

Suzanne Indiviglio, RN

“It gives patients a sense of security.”
Joanne Pierce, RN, charge nurse
The Outpatient Center of Delray Beach

“Patients are always asking…can I
take the g-sleeve home with me?
It is our gift to the patients.”

Hollie Higgs, RN,
Clinical Director The Outpatient Center of Boynton Beach
The Outpatient Center of Delray Beach

Hollie Higgs, R.N., Clinical Director (left),
Joanne Pierce, R.N. (right)


“The g-sleeve improves the way we take care of patients.”
Irma Kadribasic, RN Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery & Laser Center


Irma Kadribasic, R.N.

“The g-sleeve is a great reminding tool for all medical professionals.”
Andrew Astrove, MD Broad Anesthesia


Andrew Astrove, MD

“The g-sleeve provides an extra layer of protection for patients.”
Steven Stein, MD Broad Anesthesia


Steven Stein, MD

“I highly recommend the g-sleeve pre-operatively for my post-mastectomy patients.”
Stuart Feldman, MD Broad Anesthesia


Stuart Feldman, MD

“The patients love it and think it’s a great idea!”
Carole Sherman, RN, Director of Endoscopy West Boca Medical Center


Carole Sherman, R.N., Director of Endoscopy

“With the new Patient Safety Goals, the g-sleeve meets the JCAHO requirements.” “We tell all of the patients to take the sleeves home and wear them to other facilities to prevent medical errors.”
Rosa Loredo, RN, Clinical Manager West Boca Outpatient Center


Nurse Judy, R.N.

Patient Safety Gear, Inc.
9731 Boca Gardens Parkway, Unit B Boca Raton FL 33496
Phone: (866) 9-SLEEVE (753383) • Fax: (561) 997-6852

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