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Many choices and sizes to choose from to make sure to suite yours and your patients needs.

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Patient Safety

Find the Right G-SLEEVE® for your needs

With many styles, colors and sizes you can find the right G-Sleeve that will work for you or your facility.

* Hospitals: Please go to the Contact G-SLEEVE® Page to request a free sample today!

Original G-SLEEVE®

The G-SLEEVE® was designed to protect patients by alerting all staff of the patient�s potential risk for injury therefore preventing potential medical errors. The G-SLEEVE® provides a sense of safety and protection and an overall �Peace of Mind� for not only the patient�s and their loved ones but also the nurses, doctors and the medical facilities ensuring their safe treatment� The G-SLEEVE® is a simple yet highly effective �alerting tool� that reminds the medical staff that there is to be:

 Wrong Site Prevention

Wrong Site Sleeve

The WRONG SITE SLEEVE can be placed on the arm or leg. It is designed to protect against "Wrong Site" Surgery.

Protect & Prevent with the WRONG SITE SLEEVE !!!

The WRONG SITE SLEEVE can be placed on the arm or leg. It is designed to protect against "Wrong Site" Surgery. The WRONG SITE SLEEVE was invented to help prevent Wrong Site Surgery from occurring. The WRONG SITE SLEEVE provides extra protection for patients undergoing surgical procedures.

Picc Line


Prevent with the PICC LINE SLEEVE!!!!!! The PICC LINE SLEEVE is placed on the patient’s arm that has the PICC line inserted.

It is worn on the forearm or slightly higher near the line dressing. It was designed at the request of several hospitals to alert staff that a PICC Line (PERIPHERALLY INSERTED CENTRAL CATHETER) is in place and to avoid taking blood pressures or starting an IV in that arm.

We also have a MID LINE Sleeve available for MID Line protection!

Pediatric Sleeve

Pediatric Sleeve
New Product

New Pediatric G-Sleeves sizes and design were created by popular demand. They simply alert medical staff in a bright orange color and reads STOP! The purpose is to protect a limb from unwanted blood pressures, IV�s, blood draws, or anything that may cause injury to a site.

What Our Clients Say

Praise from patient

Thank you so much for the G Sleeves, they were perfect! Thanks also for the way you made me feel

Angel, Letter from patient
Recovery Room

The g-sleeve is a fantastic reminder especially in the Recovery Room and throughout their hospital stay! A great Patient Safety Initiative!

Rose Oradini, RN Legal Nurse Consultant
Patient Needs

The G-Sleeve gives our patients a sense of security and they feel we have given them special attention by proactively addressing their needs

Alan Bank, MD
Recovery Room

I never start my cases without Patient Safety Gear products!

Yomtov Salazar, MD

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