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With our selection of different sleeves, you will be sure to find a product to provide additional protection for your patients. The G-SLEEVE® provides a sense of safety and protection and an overall “Peace of Mind” for not only the patient’s and their loved ones but also the nurses, doctors and the medical facilities ensuring their safe treatment…

About Us


Gina M. Santosuosso, RN, BSN; President

Linda Santosuosso, VP

The G-SLEEVE® was designed by Gina M. Santosuosso, RN, BSN, to protect patients by preventing medical errors that may easily occur in any hospital or outpatient setting.

When taking blood pressure, administering an IV or taking blood draws when treating mastectomy, lumpectomy with lymph node removal and dialysis patients, it is highly advised “not to use the affected arm in fear of the risk of injury that may possibly lead to more severe conditions such as lymphedema.

After mistakenly using one patient’s affected arm, but not causing any harm to the patient, Nurse Santosuosso, found herself trying to solve the problem.

As Nurse Santosuosso and her fellow colleagues knew, it was sometimes difficult to remember which arm to administer blood pressure; IV’s and blood draws from. “We would document this in the patient’s chart numerous times, but these procedures are so common, they are sometimes done in the dark, the patient’s cannot always alert us because they may be sedated and there are usually just so many things going on at once that can easily cause the medical staff to forget, therefore compromising the patient’s safety…”

“We were constantly worried about forgetting…the patients were very nervous as well…Some of them were even writing “Don’t Use Arm” on their arms in lipstick!!!”

Nurse Santosuosso came up with the idea and originally designed the pink; cloth sleeve designed for mastectomy, lumpectomy with lymph node removal and dialysis patients…She then also included blue sleeves for men and brought them to work…

The patients, doctors and nurses immediately loved it!!! The G-SLEEVE® was created!!!

“Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in the G-SLEEVE®. At Patient Safety Gear, Inc. we are committed to serving our customers with quality, safety products along with superior customer service. Looking forward to hearing from you soon."
– Gina M. Santosuosso, RN, BSN, President
    & Linda Santosuosso, VP