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The G-SLEEVE® was designed to protect patients by alerting all staff of the patient’s potential risk for injury therefore preventing potential medical errors.

The G-SLEEVE® provides a sense of safety and protection and an overall “Peace of Mind” for not only the patient’s and their loved ones but also the nurses, doctors and the medical facilities ensuring their safe treatment…

The G-SLEEVE® is a simple yet highly effective “alerting tool” that reminds the medical staff that there is to be:





The G-SLEEVE® may greatly reduce the risk of injuries that may possibly lead to severe conditions such as lymphedema.

The danger of having a blood pressure test on an “at-risk arm” or an arm affected by lymphedema is that the squeezing involved can cause possible further damage to already fragile lymphatics and blood vessels. If this occurs, it could cause the lymphedema or worsen the condition!!!

Lymphedema is caused by the inability of the arm to remove even the normal excess fluids of body dynamics. When fluids are added, as with the administration of an IV, the arm becomes catastrophically overloaded. It then swells and is left unable to rid itself of the extra fluid.

The use of needles or blood draws in an arm with lymphedema poses a great threat of infection. Every break of the skin creates potential entry foci for bacteria. Because of the immunodeficient state of the arm any infection can and often does escalate quickly into cellulitis. These infections will increase the severity of the lymphedema!!!

G-SLEEVES may greatly reduce these risks of injury that may lead to lymphedema.

The G-SLEEVE® can be used pre-operatively, peri-operatively, post-operatively as well as on the medical or surgical floor for the status-post mastectomy patient.

The G-SLEEVE® was designed by a registered nurse for the protection of the patient by preventing medical errors that may unfortunately occur in any hospital or outpatient setting.

The G-SLEEVES are:

Comfortable, Safe, Easy to Use, Highly Effective, Comforting,
Latex Free, Inexpensive …Necessary!!!

The G-SLEEVE® provides the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and peace of mind for patient’s, nurses, and doctors by alerting the staff of the patient’s potential risk for injury while providing the medical facility with an added sense of protection and prevention of error…

Hospital & patient satisfaction has been excellent!!!

Protect & Prevent with The G-SLEEVE®!!!


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